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The Show


Funkytown is an entertaining, movie-style documentary about the music and overall cultural scene of six American cities: Minneapolis/St. Paul, New Orleans, San Francisco, Nashville, Philadelphia, Chicago.

Each episode, hosted by singer/songwriter Cynthia Johnson, features VISITS to important historical, original locations (such as music bars, jazz clubs, concert halls, recording studios, amongst other original sites), PERFORMANCES of the citiesʼ most known but also upcoming artists and bands, INTERVIEWS with renowned artists, musicians, producers, actors and all kind of people who have shaped the cultural and musical style of each city.
Each of the selected city boasts a vibrant, thriving music scene since many years with different musical styles from Rock and Pop over Blues, R&B and Jazz, to Funk, Reggae, Rap, and Hip Hop ….

You’ll be part of amazing performances at the city´s most beautiful, mostly outdoor locations.



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